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Projects Funded by Alumni

The Lisgar Alumni Association regularly contributes funds donated by alumni toward projects at or related to the school. These contributions are made to benefit a large percentage of the student body over a long period of time in order to create a better school environment and foster strong attachments for future alumni; to increase the profile of Lisgar in ways which will aid in maintaining linkages between alumni and the school; and to support initiatives that involve both current students and alumni.

In recent years, the Alumni Association has supported a number of different projects and purchases, including:

  • Renovations to Lisgar's Alumni Auditorium
  • Cross-country skis for use by physical education classes
  • Curtains and poles for Remembrance Day and other assemblies in the gym
  • Bicycle racks for the Lisgar mall
  • Mobile multimedia workstation for the Lisgar library

Tax-deductible donations to support future such projects can be made online through the Lisgar Fund.